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Doubt monster [
April 1st, 2011 ï 4:41am
[ mood | cynical ]

I have mounting insecurities and questions that i allow to plague my mind so much that it takes me out of bed.

I'm just a wandering blubber who is constantly lost and unsure of where she's going.

Barely meeting my target this quarter makes me doubt my sales capability, unlike many people I hate giving excuses for what i lack in. Telling white lies makes me doubt my honesty when i give excuses for myself and others when we do not perform as well as we could.

Having a closet with dress 8-12 is scary which is why i need a walk in closet. I doubt my own self control.

I'm ashamed of myself for harboring envy towards my friends. Is it even normal? Constantly feeling the need to outrun and win at things that dont even matter.

I'm not perfect i know, but am i further then everyone else is? In the dead of the night, conceiving useless thoughts?

I cant hold a meaningful conversation with my partner without his attention waiving to his surrounding. Does that equate to me being a lousy companion for conversation? I doubt my own entertainment factor. Cant seem to hold his attention for more than a minute. Talking serious scares him.

Does my best friend ever feel like we have an unwritten competition? Do do things better or to secretly wish to achieve various objectives faster?

Lies are inevitable I always tell myself. So white lies and somethings not are given leniency. Don't need everyone to know the truth right? I can't help trying to analyze myself why i need to keep the fortress front up? I know i behave different in front of my friends and family. Sometimes exaggerate to gain sympathy. I'm really a terrible person.

I wonder if i really laid all my cards out and be 100% honest with myself or my partner, will i still be able to stare myself in the mirror and see me. Because if i were the other person on the other side. A magic mirror would only reflect the ugliness inside which is pretty frightening to imagine.

I finally wrote till my eye lids are closing so i'm going to bed finally. Too exhausted to contemplate over my paranoid questions.

Right.. last thing i wanna say, I really don't think muffins have shelf value. That muffin is me.

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What to cook? [
February 26th, 2011 ï 1:48am
Homely baked chicken

1 diced tomato
1 diced small potato
1 grated carrot
Chicken breast meat marinated with garlic and light sauce
white pepper
half an onion
chopped ginger
Dried apricots

Wrapped in aluminium and baked in the oven for about 40 minutes

Caramel Pineapple dessert

sugar let to brown on a pan
Another pan of sugar and whipping cream and a table spoon of baileys
Teasoon of milk into 2nd pan
Pineapple on the 1st pan to get the flavor into the sugar
1st pan into the oven for 15 min
flip the first pan over and place ice cream in the middle of the pineapple
gently drizzle 2nd pan of sugar and whipping cream over ice cream of choice

Tangy cod fish with vinegar salad on the side

1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon
Diced mango
Cod fish
coriander leaves pounded spreaded on fish
rosemary spreaded on fish
Diced apples
Diced pears

Pan fry fish with butter, lemon and throw in diced mangos last. Turn off fire and drizzle some honey on fish.
Mix up diced apples;pears and salad and white vinegar for a side

Nutty Beef

Beef tenderloin sliced into strips
walnut oil
pounded hazelnuts
pounded macadamias
boiled baby carrots
Chicken stock
shitake mushrooms
grinded black pepper

Bake the nuts for 10 minutes and then remove skin of hazelnuts
place beef strips on pan with walnut oil, sprinkle with salt/pepper
Add just a little whisky. Light up the meat with a match stick and once flame dies down, pour chicken stock over the beef. throw in nuts and sliced mushrooms.
Add in boiled baby carrots on the side and drizzle remaining sauce from pan over it.
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Writer's Block: You're my best friend [
February 26th, 2011 ï 12:28am
If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

What an interesting question... i would think a panda..that way you can feed them mini bamboo shoots and let the rest grow...i think watching panda munch bamboo while half lying is rather a gd way to get stress off.. plus they are so cute n cuddly you probably wanna play with them all the time with getting mauled~
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Why you need an imaginary friend sometimes [
February 3rd, 2011 ï 4:54am
[ mood | crappy ]

I cant tell anyone how I really feel about myself.

I can be who you want me to be but that's just about it. I've been pulled in so many directions I feel torn. Everyone tells me what to do, but i realize its not about them. Sometimes it is just about me. I have to make my own decisions. And i like it when people express their opinions but let me choose. I'm a big girl now, and literally. * laughs*

I wanna be there for you my friend but despite all the wonderful news I tell you all, just like you i have some things i don't say. I want you be happy about something, have some good news to hear, give you hope and let you know it be your turn someday. And when it comes, i'll be there just the same for you.

My chain of thoughts are so misplaced, i get myself so confuse sometimes when i read back on my posts. I wish i didn't make it a habit to talk in riddles and randomness. People would find it so much easier to comprehend. I think my own overwhelming emotions are detrimental to my health but i know who feels the same too. We'll walk together and call each other to bitch about things that don't work out.

You know when you are young your parents would frown if they thought you had an imaginary friend? Well screw it, i'm grown up and i think an imaginary friend is very useful sometimes. Just for the late nights alone when you simply think too much. Like how i feel like i'm on chapter 2 and you are still at chapter 1. And i cant do ain't nothing about it. I'm not getting the response i was hoping for.

I hate to think im vulnerable and cant sort all those details by myself, but its true. Lesbian relationships might pose alot more drama, but it gets everything out in the open. That's how things get sort even if two yelling tearful girls cant be a good sight. Because after that, there is always make up surprises and lots of romance. I mean how much more romantic can you get when you put two ladies together? Right?

I can't say i make all the right decisions in life, cos if i did boy am i failing miserably at lying. You give and take some. I'll take what I can. As much as i can. Because here's some breaking news for you, from what i hear, almost everyone else is doing worse. So maybe im just the bitch less appreciative. There's a perfectly good explaination why they call me that you know?

My day didnt end so bad. But wait, listen, i did my spring cleaning and got my trash out. Only to find random people filing through my trash and tearing the bags open, spilling all my private life out in the open. How's that for uncomfortable? I'm just thankful for meeting blond hair best friend. Meeting her always make me feel better. Even for awhile. All because she is genuine. Very much so.

I want to change who I am, but for myself not for you. In my own time, in my own space. You have to understand that... because saying something bad almost always makes it come true. So please, refrain. I'll appreciate.

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Unhappy xmas for her [
December 16th, 2010 ï 1:42am
Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor....
everytime it plays, i'll remember of someone far away

It's been so long ago since I last saw you happy,
The unhappiness has stopped you from being free

Don't go yelling at me, taking it out on me,
I'm not your punching bag, never was

Give me a little respect for all those times i've tried,
My efforts all in vain, those times i've cried

All I wanted for Christmas was your smile again
But your lingering bitterness made it so faint

Falling eyelids prompt my sleep..
My unhappy dreams are for keep
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The best disney movie of 2010 [
December 3rd, 2010 ï 1:29am

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I've been
Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight
Now I'm here, suddenly I see
Standing here, it's all so clear
I'm where I'm meant to be

And at last I see the light
And it's like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it's like the sky is new
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

All those days chasing down a daydream
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were
Now she's here shining in the starlight
Now she's here, suddenly I know
If she's here it's crystal clear
I'm where I'm meant to go

Rapunzel & Flynn:
And at last I see the light

And it's like the fog is lifted

Rapunzel & Flynn:
And at last I see the light

And it's like the sky is new

Rapunzel & Flynn:
And it's warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once, everything is different
Now that I see you, now that I see you
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Now i see [
December 3rd, 2010 ï 1:22am
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Night out with my cousin [
December 2nd, 2010 ï 5:39am
After such a stressful time consuming day at work, it was a relief that i could just relax and have dinner with people that made me laugh.

Canton I was not too bad but seriously it was only chosen because of Lora who omg didnt turn up. Really i cant believe she just didnt turn up just because she wanted to spent time with the bf she just patched up with.

Wine company is an awesome chill out place with great cheese platter haha. Marini didnt have enough meat at dinner cos we order little meat and more veg and tofu so he has to order another burger. But one thing i have to comment on is the atrocious service of the waitress. Does a burger take more than 1/2 hour to serve? and then does a bottle of wine which needs no preparing take 15 min to serve?

Bal was being totally bitchy at the waitress who has this weird slang. I would have totally given it to her n make her life difficult if i wasn't already so tired. She was so slow and absolutely blur.

Bitching with the girls was so awesome after such long time. OMG bal is so much more a bitch that i am but totally love it to bits... so entertaining omg... perfect.. We have the next drinking/bitching session on sat.. cant wait!!!

Daniel place was even better. He has a fridge full of red wine... my kinda life! :) im so tired now im gonna crash. ZZZ
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Another stressful day [
November 29th, 2010 ï 11:30pm
Remember I posted something about stress being addictive? I think its really unhealthy...

I'm so totally frustrated today and its really not that i dont wanna get my cases approved but omg i swear im just unlucky that my cases are soooooo messy right now!!! Lack of documents, duplication checks, rejected cases.. my list is long.

Its like half the world is on leave and holidays. I cant seem to get anything done even when i'm running hard for my sales. Just when i actually wanna run hard, everything just backfires. I hate it.

I don't mean to vent my frustration on anyone and i try not to. I guess thats why I rather just stay away from people and keep quiet so i don't take it out on anyone. Every little thing annoys me while i try hard to sound chirpy and oh so nice on the phone with clients I seriously need now.

Im a complain bitch i know... but who can help it? I wasn't born all sweet and nice anyways. Never lied about being a bitch when i want to. Its like word vomit. It all comes spilling out when im mad. I must really get my frustration in check. My anger management is so not in check.

Rant rant rant!!!
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stay here forever [
November 27th, 2010 ï 2:55pm
I'm laying here dreaming, staring at the ceiling
Wasting the day away
The world's flying by our window outside
But hey baby that's okay
This feels so right, it can't be wrong so far as I can see
Where you wanna go
Baby, I'll do anything

'Cause if you wanna go
Baby, let's go
If you wanna rock,
I'm ready to roll
And if you wanna slow down,
We can slow down together
If you wanna walk,
Baby, let's walk
Have a little kiss,
Have a little talk
We don't gotta leave at all
We can lay here forever
Stay here forever, oh

If you want to see that Italian tower leaning
Baby, we can leave right now
If that's too far, we can jump in the car
And take a little trip around town
They say that California is nice and warm this time of year
Baby, say the word and we'll just disappear

'Cause if you wanna go
Baby, let's go
If you wanna rock,
I'm ready to roll
And if you wanna slow down,
We can slow down together
If you wanna walk,
Baby, let's walk
Have a little kiss,
Have a little talk
We don't gotta leave at all
We can lay here forever
Stay here forever, oh

What's a big world,
for a boy and a girl
Letting go of it all
Holding on to one another
Or there's a whole nother' world to discover
Under the covers
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time out with old friends. [
November 27th, 2010 ï 2:10pm
I believe there will come a time in most people's life when you realize you wanna only keep the genuine ones.

I'm referring to friends. Friends who stood by you, understand what you say and have endless things to talk about no matter what.

The kind you don't have to see everyday but still find good conversation with. The kind who listens to you.

Despite many things in life, i am thankful for people who have stood by me. I'm blessed i know even when I'm disgruntled.

Before the year ends, I'm on mission to reacquaint myself with those who are and have been important to me before. Thanksgiving has just passed, but to me thanksgiving is something you find in everyday life, not once a year.

Okay, random things of the day: Owl's are the number 2 protected animal in China :)

Baby owls are such cute creatures with small bodies and ultra large eyes
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Over-drinking [
November 26th, 2010 ï 3:14am
Tonight was the official launch of V golf and there was free flow of beer n house pour from 7-9pm.

However we couldn't even wait till 7 cos we started drinking at 6pm.

6th bro suggested a bottle of vodka and of cos i didn't say no :)

He bought the first bottle i bought the second. That killed me... I went home with my head really heavy.

I didn't feel pukish cos i didn't have dinner

now that i actually had a nap woke up and had supper,

I recall the fight where my colleague punched another colleague 5 times in the head.

crazy shit~ cant even rem what what was that about...
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What you do not deserve. [
November 26th, 2010 ï 3:07am
Have you ever wonder why you receive the things you do in this life?

Some people believe this is kharma you incur from your previous life.

I like its just pure luck on my part and pure disaster for the other person.

If i could list all the negatives about myself i would do it like that:

1) bad tempered
2) selfish
3) volatile
4) revengeful
5) scheming
6) bitchy
7) critical
8) mean
9) loud and flamboyant
10) lousy self-control
11) cruel at times
12) untidy
13) lazy
14) forgetful
15) artificial

If i could name any thing positive, (this will take a really long time to come up with)

So i'll do it another day...haha

P.s this was typed yesterday and left unposted becos i fell aslp..
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Love actually..the movie [
November 25th, 2010 ï 4:29am
Do you remember the show love actually?

The scenes of love at Christmas is still fresh in my mind.

The child who was too shy to perform his drums in front of his school mate.

The man who fell in love with his best friend's wife.

The woman who didnt dare show affection to her colleague at work.

Despite the reviews, i simply love that show.

It gives people a new hope for love at Christmas.

I'm starting to not believe in it anymore but its nice to watch a fairy tale once in awhile.

If you are in the christmas spirit, go rent the show, it will put a smile on your face.

Just by giving your hope.
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Sparkling lights and silver bells [
November 24th, 2010 ï 2:23am
Christmas is absolutely the best season of the year!

It gets everyone in the festive mood and in good cheer. Like joey says, she waits all year just for christmas. I guess i feel the same too.

Season of giving and thanksgiving. Finding ways to express your gratitude to those who have been there for you. Those who have been good to you. I cant wait to start my xmas shopping and wrapping those gifts.

However i've realized that as technology becomes advance, many people have gotten more reliant on electronic mail and social networks. To the point that letters and cards are so yesterday. its such a pity really for the real thing give its that much more value. Would you never change your email? would you read back on pass messages and social networks? i know i wouldn't...

But ever so once in awhile, when im packing my room, i will chance upon cards and letters written to me over the years. I'll read it and smile to myself, remembering fondly the kind words of people close to me. Call me old fashion, but i'll never give up on cards and letters.

would you?
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August 1st, 2010 ï 1:58am
[ mood | blah ]

Perhaps it was the temperature and maybe it was the worry in my sub-conscious that woke me up this morning. In my carelessness, I had set the alarm at 1030am the previous night. It was a miracle i woke at 930 and in time for my pending appointments.

The sun greeted me with a smile as i pull open the window panes. Bright and shining. With the little sleep I manage to get last night, I had found a way to drag myself out of bed and ready for appointment 1 of the day.

I had prayed and I know God has a plan for me. Just when things looked bleaker than I can handle, God intervenes. Some people would comment that religion is simply a belief for the weak. It is a way to gain hope by praying to our creator to assist us when we are jaded in life. I think not.

When i look back in my life, what i see are miracles that occur just when i am down in the pit or scared to death. When i share those stories with others, some would listen earnestly while most would politely let me speak.

Multiple car accidents that have happened to me, have left me unscarred. Shattering glass on my face left no cuts on my cheek. Lock doors unlocked itself like magic. More than often, i pray for cabs and they would arrive just in time for me. Praying while ill or in pain has caused me to be healed. When my targets are not met and the market looks downcasted, suddenly HE would send a fellow brother/sister to support me. Broken relationships and emotional scars slowly heals. Its amazing~

All i did was just pray! No walking on fire and no pain sacrifices. HE is in my heart and all he wants from me was for me to ask. "Ask and you will be given, seek and you shall find" this verse holds great encouragment to me. Despite the long periods I have not gathered with his childern to hear his work or sing praises, he was always there for me.

Sometimes HE takes longer to answer my prayers and sometimes HE just gives. Times like that are a test of our belief. For if all if bleak and we hold strong. Our Father will surely come through for us.

So lay down your tired heads and rest. Cast your worries unto him and HE will give you rest.

For he knows the plans he has for you. You might not see it now but just believe. You will realize in time that everything has its purpose and even the bad things, might be a blessing in disgise.

Yours Truly

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Exploring the idea of stress [
July 31st, 2010 ï 3:48am
[ mood | contemplative ]

Morning brings pouring rain and a loud crackle of thunder.
Gloomy dark skies greeted my friday morning. I'm stressed.
Wet roads made traffic impossible and wreaked cars from chain accidents.
Slow and solemn was the day's mood.

Silence is precious with only sweeping rains spattering on the windscreen.
Another day with yesterday's worries. Last day of the month and targets not fulfilled.
I'm going to be hearing from the dragon lady again pretty soon I'm sure.

Flipping open my laptop and emails start streaming in.
"Ping Ping" the computer calls out. Ah yes, my proposed package was rejected again.
Brows furrowed, I start typing furiously for alternate proposed package.
It was a hope, but i should i have known i couldn't succeed in giving everyone what they wanted.

"You're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no, you're in and you're out..." sings my phone.
person on the other line says: "approved?" I said "not yet". I don't like to disappoint but its hard when i can't seem to achieve my proposed package. Yes, that gives me stress.

Everyone around me complains of stress at some point in time. But i secretly think, its addictive.

Let's explore that idea. If you think hard enough, you're realize that without stress, a person will feel quite insignificant. It is a drug to feel important. Ringing phones, beeping emails are only some type of accessory we carry around.

A person void of stress can't be very important, can they? With no one to answer to, no goals to meet, they could very well be invisible. No one notices them. Cut the crap short, without stress, we'll all be walking around aimlessly wondering what's next?

Stress is such an addictive compound that some savvy industries have invented the term de-stress; relaxation to tap into the pockets of working adults. How so? Booming spa businesses, hard to book massage appointments, wellness classes, aromatheraphy etc etc. These are all proof to our addiction to stress.

We need stress, whether it is to excel or to simply try harder. Even after all those de-stress sessions, we choose to dive right back into the arms of stress. I guess in that way, i can conclude that stress is a choice partner we choose to have.

Some people choose to stay in abusive or destructive relationships. Stress is akin to a life partner we can't live without. The human race will always find the need to look important, feel needed and portray our value to society. Yet we will always too tell the next person who asks us how we are, that we are so badly stress.

Perhaps the next time you think about lamenting about how stress you are; remember, stress is just another partner you choose to have. If you don't like it, you will find a way to break up with it for sure. Although i must say, you'll probably regret...

Now you think about it~

With that, I can finally go to sleep. Being fully satisfied I've thought of some interesting you might have not thought about.

Till next time~~~~~

Yours Truly,

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How easily you fall [
February 5th, 2010 ï 12:58am
[ mood | calm ]

Dear Diary,

Its been a long time since my last entry. Can i just say that i miss telling you my thoughts.

I have been over stressed with work, its true. Nights become sleepless and days become a war zone.

Perhaps its my mind that is to blame? When the mind is not at ease, its hard to get my beauty rest.

I never thought I would get into this much trouble at work. Truth is, i was disillusion.

On a brighter note, thanks to an individual; afterwork hours are alot less dreadful

It does make the day get by a little better and give me that dosage of laughter.

So for as long as it last, I'll smile a little more. Savor in the basking feeling of comfort.

Love always,

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With this voice i thee call [
October 30th, 2009 ï 5:50am
Sometimes in my dream,
I catch myself calling a name
I wont tell you who it is,
But every name is the same.
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nuttin but stringz [
June 2nd, 2009 ï 9:55am
[ mood | amused ]

Feel the passion in the music. Two brothers playing the violin as they grew up. Mixing hip hop and violin, fusion and taking away the misconception of boring violin playing at funerals and orchestra.

Watch their performance at America got talent.

top 10

top 5

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The illusionist [
May 12th, 2009 ï 9:18am
[ mood | amused ]

If you haven't already caught this movie, you have missed out on a truly brilliant show!

The illusionist is a movie filmed in Prague, Czech Republic (supposed to be in vienna). A film blending magic and the brilliant mind of Eisenheim. Childhood sweethearts separated due to the different classes during their teenage years, they meet again when the crown prince attended Eisenheim's famous magic show and volunteered sophie for a trick.

Eisenheim’s very presence seems to offend the Crown Prince and not one to be trifled with, the power-crazed Count sics his lapdog, Chief Inspector Uhl, on the magician in an effort to destroy Eisenheim’s career and reputation. Charging the illusionist with making threats against the empire, Leopold does everything in his considerable power to ruin Eisenheim and keep his own prized possession – Sophie – from finding happiness with her first love.

It ends with the chief inspector finding the illusionist in disguise heading for the train station. He chases him and realizes after the train was in motion the most brilliant illusion of all, he laughs to himself. The final playout. No spoilers here but the twist in the ending was unexpected.

An intriguing fairy tale for adults, The Illusionist is a rare treat. Visually stunning, the use of muted colors (mostly browns) gives The Illusionist the aura of a silent film, effectively capturing the time period of the story.

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Temptations [
May 5th, 2009 ï 10:25pm
[ mood | contemplative ]

When do you deem right to succumb to temptations?

How do you determine which has less effect on others?
I cannot deny my weak will to stand up everytime something is wrong.

Fall in love with God = fall out of love with sin.

Maybe I've been away from God for too long I'm losing my morals.
To me the consequences are not well thought about. Not for a while.

I ought to be ashamed of myself but I feel more unhappiness bottling up instead
Not that I ain't feeling bad about the dental situation I almost gave in to temptation, I am.
But vanity and frustrations with monetary problems become a carrot hung on a stick for me.

Does one mistake lead to another? Sometimes I'm incline to think there is not enough room for change.
Not in the shorter term at least. It might end up setting me back a few years to change the direction I took.

Everything happens for a reason I know, and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
I can't see the bigger picture because I'm in this moment in time.
I tell myself that I should surrender that future to HIM. But it a huge feat.
Choosing what's right all the time

School at "so and so" was a misled idea and being naive on my part.
Having a higher opinion of what I can do was the biggest mistake I made.
Realizing that just depresses me and I ask myself why was I so stubborn and stupid?
I should have taken up a wayyyyyy more practical course of study

Would my life be any different if I didn't meet those people I did in school?

Simply because I've never fit in anywhere else. I was a misfit throughout school before that.
My morale would have been in the dirt pile without those little "cliques" (as Karleen describes us)
But was having that sense of belonging worth my little worth certificate?
More importantly, would I have made any close friends else where? Unlikely~
This does not include you AUDREY! I met you long long ago!

The person I confide the most in = Ange****
The person I enjoy talking to the most = Aur***
The person I look up to for moral values = Li*****
The funniest person I know and trust = G***

For the first time in my life, I can say, Hey I'm hanging with my ex-classmates.
Sometime I never got to say before I entered "L*****e"
I really don't know what life has to hold for me.
I guess I see reason in why things happen.
I don't always like it or agree with what's on my plate,
Sometimes I even hate it so much I wish I didn't have to live.
So even though I wish I took a different direction, I can still see some good in it
But I will learn to believe that when God closes a door, he also opens another.

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The world of dating agency [
April 25th, 2009 ï 10:49am
[ mood | cold ]

Helo again! 

Today I was thinking about my job at the agency. Let me give you some insight to what goes on behind closed doors.

You would think that people who joins dating agency would be not a particular about their date's appearance or income or religion.
Then you might yourself rather misled~

Miss police officer, divorced with a 2 years old daughter in her custody. Earning $3k a month with a picky taste of a food taster.
Rejected a date with a pleasant male, divorced with a boy of 5 yrs old in joint custody with his ex wife. Guy had income about $4k,
has a car and a house. Took much persuading from me to meet her. And she turning that date down means I have to find someone else to substitute her for wed slot.

Oh please, she doesn't know how tedious it takes to look for any date for her! Her being so picky about everything! Oh right and perhaps the reason she doesn't want to return is that she has unpaid installment with the agency! You think!?

Missy, listen up, if you don't have the time, or too stingy to pay your installment then go find some other agency! Its not like we need you anyway~ We have less fussy demanding clients anyway. Mind you, without kids~

I mean does she even know how hard it is to look for someone to date a divorcee with a kid?! *scoffs* AND NOBODY REALLY WANTS TO DATE A POLICEWOMAN! argh~ they get scared~

Tuesday, back to work to fix her date. I will certainly hear no end of it. argh pukes~

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江語晨《喜歡一個人的心情》MV完整版 jessie [
April 23rd, 2009 ï 4:29am


會變多疑 會常生氣 變得失去自己

有人說過愛情 不如想像那樣甜蜜

我卻無法戒掉愛情 整個世界都是你




遇見你天空更亮麗 喜歡的 我不想逃避

希望和你一起 分享分分秒秒的二兩顆真心

即使感情結成了冰 回首時有你的足跡

就會開心 溫暖我飛翔的旅途中曾有你





像是藍天 隨時放晴 現在就想見到你


給兩人都留些空間 期待下一次相見




遇見你天空更亮麗 喜歡的 我不想逃避

希望和你一起 分享分分秒秒的兩顆真心

即使感情結成了冰 回首時有你的足跡

就會開心 溫暖我飛翔的旅途中曾有你




漫步在茫茫人海 思念你的背影

我提醒自己 別為浪漫上了癮

彩色愛情誘惑 不停的考驗我們

還是喜歡你 說我傻也沒關係

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江語晨-我太乖 [
April 23rd, 2009 ï 4:20am

手机挂满了色彩 对话却是一片灰白
线上匿称是期待 等的人却总是离开
答应他 我会乖 奖品却是在发呆
你们说的我不信 我心里都明白

关上门倒数等待 世界只为他而打开
过程或许有伤害 却仍相信苦尽甘来
我不傻 我不呆 故事总会有意外
我看得到他的好 值得我去爱

如果我太爱猜 太爱怀疑 太爱责怪
换来 谎言相待
我选择 安安静静 像个小孩
别 再为我担心 我不怕摔
这是我的爱情 我的未来

是不是我太乖 看不见他的坏
可是他的眼神 偏偏想依赖
也许是我太乖 偶尔被忘了宠爱

关上门倒数等待 世界只为他而打开
过程或许有伤害 却仍相信苦尽甘来
我不傻 我不呆 故事总会有意外
我看得到他的好 值得我去爱

如果我太爱猜 太爱怀疑 太爱责怪
换来 谎言相待
我选择 安安静静 像个小孩
别 再为我担心 我不怕摔
这是我的爱情 我的未来

是不是我太乖 看不见他的坏
可是他的眼神 偏偏想依赖
也许是我太乖 偶尔被忘了宠爱

是不是我太乖 看不见他的坏
可是他的眼神 偏偏想依赖
也许是我太乖 不怕被忘了宠爱
谁说 男人坏 女人才爱
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